Greetings! I’m Liam.

I’m a guitarist and drummer based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I launched my solo project at the beginning of 2018, titled ‘Illumine’. It’s essentially an outlet for me to write whatever I want and share it with people. I’ve always loved writing and recording music, and this is my first step into that world on this level. My self-produced debut album is out right now, and is titled ‘Maiden Voyage’. It’s instrumental music that draws influence from progressive rock and metal, and whatever else I’ve been listening to. More than just that though, Illumine is a project of exploration and expression, and music that hopefully resonates with you in some way.

As well as being Illumine, I play drums in an alternative rock band called Riviera. We have an EP out called ‘Turn Me To Ashes’ and will be working on new music in 2019.

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